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Mrs Jean Rolston – Profile

For nearly 50 years, Mrs Jean Rolston has been the leading pillar of the education community.Over this period she has built an enviable reputation as a strong advocate for the "all-round development of the child."

Through her various positions of responsibility in St Paul’s Senior Secondary School, Kathgodam she has demonstrated an unwavering dedication and caring attitude in her life’s work of educating children. Mrs Rolston has always been able to see the potential of a child and has worked tirelessly towards the growth of their minds. She strived to draw out the creative side of children’s personalities by encouraging and involving them in the various aspects of the academics and dramatics.

She believes that they need to engage in activities beyond mindless cramming and rigid classroom exercises. They, she understood, also thrive on non-classroom performances. This aspect of her thinking was bred from her own youthful accomplishments. Mrs Rolston enjoyed much pleasure and some success as a field hockey player. She was also talented in athletics too; representing Karnataka State in sprint events.

Among her many passions, she managed to find the time to support and organise the various strenuous and personality building activities that the Bharat Scouts and Guides are renowned for. Her dedication and commitment to the Scouts and Guides saw her become the Vice-President of the Bharat Scouts and Guides Uttarakhand State Association, Dehradun twice, and once also Vice-President of Bharat Scouts and Guides District Association Nainital.

It would be fair to say that Mrs Jean Rolston is one of the pioneers and principal guiding lights of the Bharat Scouts and Guides in the Nainital region. Testament to this effect is the unusually large proportion of St Paul’s students who have been awarded Governor’s and President’s Awards through the years. A proud tradition that continues to this day!

Known as and called “Jean Ma’am” to one and all, the title means many things to staff, past and present students and their parents. Sometimes it is used with awe but mostly with affection and genuine respect. Her greatest satisfaction, she will tell you, is when previous students return to thank her for all that she has done for them.

Mrs Jean Rolston is living proof that caring for children; mentoring young minds; providing all round quality education and selfless dedication to all the above is not without its rewards. That it was her guidance and principles that shaped them into the successful young adults they have become.